More than a textbook

Free textbooks for students aren’t a compromise for educators. Each ancillary in our library of resources is complete and ready to use. Like our textbooks, our instructor resources are also openly licensed, allowing you to adapt them to fit yours and your needs and your student’s. 


What is an OpenStax instructor/educator account?

An OpenStax instructor account is a free account that grants verified educators access to resources beyond the textbook. 

Who can create an instructor account?

You can create an instructor account if you teach at a primary, secondary, or post-secondary institution. All you need is a school-issued email address. You may also need a school-issued document. Homeschool educators can also create an account but may need to provide additional information. 

What kinds of resources do you get access to with an instructor account?

We’ve created an array of instructor resources to support your teaching. The resources available will vary by book but you can expect to find the following 

Course cartridges

for quick and easy integration between your OpenStax textbook of choice and your LMS 


slides containing images from the text 

Getting started 


provide an overview of OpenStax

Diversity and representation development guidelines

for quick and easy integration between your OpenStax textbook of choice and your LMS  

Some books will have further resources. Our editorial team selects resources to develop based on the needs and demands of a wide range of educators using our textbooks. Additional resources could include  

Google Docs customization

to access fully customizable versions of our textbooks in Google Doc format  

Enhanced lecture slides

with images, key concepts and definitions, examples, discussion questions, and more  

Test banks

that contain multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions for each chapter of the book  

Review questions

containing chapter section summaries  

What else will I be able to do with an instructor account?

Explore and set up courses in OpenStax Tutor, our courseware platform that delivers engaging reading and personalized homework to students for only $10 per semester   

Rate and review our technology partners like WebAssign, Chem101, and Instructure    

Use the errata tool to suggest a correction to the content of our textbook    

Create an account to explore all of our free instructor resources

Our mission is to improve educational access and learning for everyone.

OpenStax is part of Rice University, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Give today and help us reach more students.

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